When should I wash my hair?

As a wedding hair specialist, the question I am most frequently asked is “When do you want our hair washed? On the day of the wedding or the night before?”

When advising my clients, I like to give them a solution that leaves their hair in optimum condition and ensures that their chosen hairstyle will last well into the night.

For hair-up clients, I like to advise them to wash their hair, lightly condition the ends, rinse as usual, then dry their hair before they go to bed the night before the wedding. This gives the hair some ‘grip’ and the style ‘lastability’.

For blow wave clients, I recommend they wash their hair and lightly condition it the morning of the wedding.

In regards to choosing styles. We are not offended if you come to us with a picture or a printout of what you would like as ‘a picture says a thousand words’. In fact, we encourage it!

So, remember, on the whole, we love to work with clean, dry hair. If you would like to plan a hair maintenance routine to ensure your hair is in tip top condition before your wedding or special occassion, call or text Julie-Anne on 027 223-3775.